Things to do Before Moving into a New House

Maybe, you are now aware of the things that you should look for before buying a house. I’m assuming that you are here because you already have a new house from Camella and ready to move in. So why should you follow these tips? The answer’s simple, for security purposes and to save time.
So, I won’t keep you waiting, these are the things that you should do:

Change the Locks


This is the most important of these tips. If you are moving into foreclosed houses make sure that you will change old locks with new ones. Learn how to assemble a doorknob into your door or have somebody to put it for you.  After having doorknobs and locks changed, second thing that you should do is to visit the locksmith and create a duplicate key for each of the members of the family.

Check the Water System of the House


Before moving into the house, check if the water current flowing into the house is strong. Check the faucets, showers toilet bowl flush, if they are in good and working condition. If the water coming out the faucets is weak, it’s good to check for leaks. One brilliant way to check for leaks is to turn on the water meter and list the current reading and make sure that all the faucets are closed. Leave it for 2 hours and check it again. If the water reading increased, there is a leak.

Check for the Main Switch


Why should you locate the main power switch? This is to keep you safe, especially if you need repairs on your electrical system. When does this usually happen? Usually, circuit breakers are turned off when typhoons with strong winds are in your area. It is also turned off when flood is coming inside the house. We do this to avoid electrocution.

Clean the house especially the Kitchen


The Kitchen is a part of a house where cooking and food preparation happens. It typically is a place equipped with a sink, a stove and a refrigerator. It is also a place where you should focus your time in for cleaning because this place is the usual breeding place for bacteria.

One of the biggest concerns about cleanliness in the kitchen is foodborne illnesses due to spoilage or cross-contamination. You should know about safety precautions like using different cutting boards for meat and vegetables, always washing your hands after handling raw meats and cleaning the sink and countertops regularly. Also, clean the cupboards before using it as a food container.

To wrap things up, these are things that you should do before moving into your new house: change the locks, check the water system, find out where you main power switch is and lastly clean the kitchen. Thanks for reading my post! Continue following us for more tips! 

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