Tips on How to Market a House

Home selling requires a great deal of mental and emotional preparation. You need to be in the seller’s shoe and gradually letting sink in that, sooner, you’re no longer the owner of the house. It may be hard to let go but it is much as tricky to sell. Every day, registered multiple listing services in the Philippines have tons of house and lot for sale ads. The tips listed below may give you a clue how to market a house:
  • Invite a home inspector. Their task is to find out if your house needs minor repairs or a major renovation. Later you will find out why this step is necessary.
  • Request a detailed report about the expenses you may incur. You must fully understand the suggestions they will present to you in black and white so you could weigh your budget.
  • Start the renovation based on the home inspector’s findings only if you can afford it. The enhancements may raise the selling price but don’t expect too much. It is a gamble you must take.
  • Schedule a serious Spring Cleaning. All right, you replaced all the doorknobs; however, the ceiling is still full of cobwebs and other icky things. These small details that get left out will ruin your house presentation.
  • Review the technical specifications of your house and write it down for later use. We are talking about the:
  • Number of rooms/floors/baths
  • Lot size
  • Location/Address
  • Type of house
Include the necessary information that may describe your home. For your safety, you may not indicate the exact address of your house and ask first for the credentials of the buyer before allowing a home tour.

  • Take pictures and aim for 6 to 10 shots of the prime spots of the house. Avoid capturing anything that would turn off the buyer. Keep in mind that your subject is the house, nothing more, so focus only on your subject. Produce high quality images for posting.
  • Create a Virtual Tour. Do you really want to stand out? This is a nice and cool gimmick. It provides a buyer of a sneak preview of your property in a 360-degree perspective.
  • Put your house on the spotlight. This step is what you’ve been waiting for; selling your house in the market. You need the entire arsenal you could use, such as:
  • The good ‘ole “House for Sale” sign. In reality, this may not yield many results as before. It is still worth a try, though, for those buyers doing a house tripping around your area.
  • Print ads. Display it on a well-known newspaper; distribute flyers; and put up posters in places where there is heavy foot traffic. Don’t forget to use the best picture from your copies.
  • Selling online. This is when you will be familiar with multiple listing services. List your property in trusted websites only. As usual, you should be wary of advertising personal information like home address, contact number, and email address.
  • Entertain those buyers who want to tour your home. This step can’t be avoided because, of course, you need to seal a deal. Be accommodating and be prepared for a Q-and-A session.
At this point, this question may pop up in your mind. Do you need a real estate agent for your marketing debut? Somehow, as a first time house seller, you might need an agent’s expertise in terms of appraising your house and finding a buyer. He could also help you in the marketing and advertising part, but expect an extra charge. If you can pull it off, you may do it yourself and read a lot of reference material to familiarize yourself with it.

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