7 Easy & Creative Homemade Wedding Gifts You Can Give this 2017

                It’s yet again the season when couples tie knots and celebrate the love they share. Before they set out on their next journey, you’re probably wondering what to give as a symbol of support for their life together. The next step in every newlywed’s life is buying a house. A house and lot for sale in Metro Manila could be a pretty sweet deal for couples because of its accessibility, family-oriented communities and abundance of establishments among many others. It’s sort of mandatory to give something that would help them furnish their new homes.

                Wedding gift conundrums are common during this time of year but don’t fret. Here are some homemade gift ideas that would make every newlywed’s home a bit brighter:

Song Lyric Canvas Art

                 Before going on with this venture, research first what the couple’s theme song is. Not only is it a very personalized gift item, it also talks about how much effort you put into the present. Whether they may be a friend or relative, it’s always a great way to give something that is as personal as this.

Painted Wooden Utensils

                Personalized and functional tools are some of the best kinds of gifts you can hand to newlyweds. Utensils may be one of the most typical wedding gifts but you can paint and stencil their initials on wooden spatulas to make their kitchen homier and more customized.

Matching pillows

                It’s also ideal to give something that would symbolize comfort and what better way to exemplify this than through fluffy pillows? Making these matching pillowcases is as easy as pie! Here’s a link for a more detailed tutorial.  

Wine Cork Board

                You don’t have to throw out those wine corks just yet! Picking out the right type of wine for a wedding can be a challenge but if you fret about getting the wrong kind, just give them this wine corkboard instead. It’s cheap and you can even modify it by placing a brief message about celebration of love.

 Door Décor

                Here’s a rustic décor that will surely give a classic touch to a monotonous door. These are perfect decorations for a newly bought house and lot. Just gather some unused wood pieces, wood glue, paint, pen and voila! You now have a quaint wooden tag that would perfectly complement those newly painted doors.

 Sharpie Mug

                There’s just something adorable in matching items―most specifically mugs! As detailed by A Beautiful Mess, all you need are two porcelain mugs and a sharpie. Draw (and be careful) on the surface of the mug and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and allow them to cool completely before washing or using. These are now permanently embossed into the mug. Toss them inside a cutesy wrapper and they’re good to go!

Photo candle

                How cool are these? It’s not every day that you see photos glued to a candle. Just print your preferred pictures then lay it over the candle.  Cover it with wax paper and heat it buy using a blower. Now you have a distinct gift that would surely stand out among the pile of wedding presents. Here’s a video on how to exactly do it.

Aside from the social value of giving and strengthened connections with family and friends through gifts, you also have the chance to add some life into their freshly purchased house and lot for sale along the streets of Parañaque, Metro Manila. These inspired DIYs will not only cost you less, they also put a twist on common wedding gifts!

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