5 Ways to Prep Your Newly Bought Home in Parañaque for the Rainy Season

Metro Manila has always been plagued with floods for as long as we know (experiencing the worst of the climate in recent years) but don’t fret, there are still a few areas in the megalopolis that are pushing through these weather disturbances. Parañaque City, for instance, has been setting a flood control program by Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez since 2009. The program was deemed successful because the city’s flood-prone areas did not experience heavy floods unlike the other neighboring cities during Typhoon Gorio in 2013. 

It’s no wonder that homebuyers opt for a house and lot for sale in Parañaque City, Philippines. Though the urban municipality implements preventive measures, it’s also mandatory that you prepare your home for the rainy season as well. Here are ways to make your dwelling all set for the rainy days: 

Insure your home

It literally does pay to be prepared when we’re talking about insurance but getting your home insured as early as possible can save you a lot of money when disaster strikes. Knowing that financial assistance will be given for repair and improvements is just a breath of relief and a smart investment altogether.

Regularly check your roof and gutter 

The roof is the first line of defense against downpours. To avoid costly problems in the future, make sure that it is properly maintained at least twice a year. If not, it could lead to rusting and annoying leaks. The gutter, on the other hand, should be rid of leaves, nests, and other types of blockages. If not, it could cause water stagnation and turn into a mosquito breeding site! 

Be on the lookout for water rings/mold & wall or ceiling discoloration

Even if you have a newly purchased house and lot for sale in Parañaque, it’s important to spot even for tiny water rings. If it’s not detected on its early stage, it would lead to bigger problems like leaks. The stain is also an eyesore so if you see water rings, mold or ceiling discoloration, have an inspector check it out immediately. 

Inspect doors and windows


Doors, windows, or any type of possible water entryway should be inspected during this season. Secure these parts of your home with sealants especially if you have installed sliding doors and windows. Also, check for repairs and improvements too! 

Invest in Medical and Emergency Kits


Aside from investing in the different parts of your home, it’s also vital to invest in medical and emergency kits. A container full of medicine to prevent influenza, cholera, colds, cough, and other season-related illnesses should always be available. Flashlight, portable radio, and whistles should make up your emergency kit in case of power loss. Stock up on canned goods as well. 

The Philippines is located along the Pacific Ring of Fire which makes it susceptible to natural calamities. To make your newly bought house and lot for sale in Parañaque prepared for rainy day catastrophes, it’s time to have your home examined as early as now.

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